Blood Bank

Nair Blood Centre is a part of the Department of Pathology. Nair Blood Centre is an integral part of BYL Nair Ch Hospital, a tertiary care centre. It is located on the 2nd Floor OPD Building. (OPD - 2-32). The blood centre has an area of approximately 525 Sq metres. The annual blood collection is approximately 16000 units of blood.
Majority of the blood is collected from voluntary blood donors from blood donation camps arranged at different locations like colleges, railway stations, corporate offices, villages and others. The blood centre is functional 24 x 7 with staff working in various shifts. We have a total workforce of 45 people including teaching faculty, resident doctors, blood transfusion officer, laboratory technicians, laboratory assistants & attendants, Medical social workers, Counsellor, nursing staff and other helping staff. Nair Blood Centre has a licence to prepare and issue blood in the form of packed red cells, whole blood, fresh frozen plasma, plasma, random donor platelets, single donor platelet and cryoprecipitate.

The Blood Centre Provides Following Services :

  • Reservation and issue of blood units & blood components for planned surgeries.
  • Issue of blood units and blood components for emergencies.
  • Neonatal blood grouping and cross matching.
  • Issue of blood to registered thalassemia patients on a regular basis.
  • Direct and in-direct coombs test of patients.
  • Rh titre of ANC Rh Negative patients.
  • Preparation and issue of single donor platelets.